The subject of the exhibition is a self-portrait in contemporary art, which for centuries has inspired artists of the present day.

Each artist of the exhibition has an individual way of realization and creates own self-image, although they have still common points of references in their works. The exhibited works are carriers of the factors that have characterized the self-portraits from centuries but still include contemporary view of the artists.

Opening starts on February 10th at 7pm in LATARKA Gallery.

On view till March 3rd


Jakatics-Szabó Veronika

Király Gábor

Nagy Sára

Papageorgiu Andrea

Sándor Krisztián

Szunyoghy Viktória

Suharevski Mihály

Majoros Áron Zsolt

Szurcsik József


The exhibition will be opened by Virág Ágnes, Art Historian.

Curator: Esse Bánki Ákos

Polish Institute

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